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In our experience festival attendees are willing to share their thoughts but some sponsors aren't paying attention. This is where we come in.

We conduct internet and onsite market research for the Music Festival Industry.

Our expertise lies in data collection, in depth interviews, data research, analysis and report writing.

If you decide to employ our services your organization will posses the knowledge that will enable you to focus on increasing your client satisfaction and profits.

Getting inside the minds of your prospective clients is the only way to to understand and know there needs.

- On Site, In Person Interviews
- Focus Groups
- Internet Marketing Questionnaires
- Data Collection & Analysis
- Infographic Reports
- Presentation Development
- Social Media Test Studies


With collected research data we can assist you in targeting your audience in the most effective manner.

For some it might be using the internet, for others print, radio or broadcast campaigns.

What ever your goal, there is always a tool within your budget available to get you where you want to be. The road might take a little longer to go down but at least your moving in the right direction.

Promotion & Marketing Campaigns
- Interactive, Print & Broadcast Campaigns.
- Targeted Web Marketing Initiatives.

Contact us and let us know your ideas and needs.

These days it seems promotion is always going along with Marketing, however if you want to reach your audience we can be there to guide you and assist in your efforts along the way.

Whether your looking to canvas the town with posters, billboards, flyers, put skywriting in the air or launch a massive targeted web or email campaign were there to assist. Our internal team will work with our 3rd party partners to deliver a stellar effort.


Choosing to promote your business using products can be key to your business. But wasting valuable financial resources on products that people won't enjoy and use is a waste of your companies time and money.

Poor choices in the right promotional merchandise can dilute your branding, give the wrong message and an inferior product might signify your company is cheap and does not stand for a quality product.

We do our best to understand the merchandising needs of your clientele and tailor your products and quality to suit both parties budget.

We follow a basic rule. Connect with your client base, know and research their desires then deliver the best we can. Keeping your clients happy will send a positive message on the companies behalf and keep them thinking about you.

On-Site Festival Merchandise
In our experience we find that most festival merchandise sits on the shelves and not much leaves. Why is this?

Is it the price?

Is it the the quality of the fabric or maybe the design of the graphics, maybe even the printing process used?

Maybe the festival attendees just don't the like the selection?

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