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Feature Overview
The IMM is feature rich with MultiMedia and Internet Media Connections.

Everything you would expect from an onsite print booklet is present plus much more.

Expand the Print Reader Experience with Interactivity:
- Streaming Video
- Streaming Audio
- iTunes Links
- Official Band Website Links
- Advertiser Url Links
- Facebook Links
- Twitter Links
- Band Photography
- Band Bio
- Interactive Playlist
- Visual Playlist
- Interactive Merchandise Store
interactive playlist
Interactive Playlist
Not your standard band lineup but a fully interactive lineup with javascript rollover's that glow when the mouse rolls over any band. Select a link and it jumps directly to that band or event.

Quick and easy to visually navigate, visually stimulating and interactive.

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YouTube Video Content
YouTube is the single largest repository for online fans and bands to provide online video content. We stream this video content from YouTube directly into the IMM. We also support YouTubes Native additional "See More" video content system.

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imm youtube videos
imm audio previews
Streaming Audio Previews
When the average person checks out a Festival Lineup the first thing they want to do is "Hear" all the bands that they don't know.

We provide a simple audio player within each band page that allows you to preview a minimum of 2 songs from each band.

The content is linked to public websites and streams the content directly from their servers.

No Band Audio or Video Content is embedded into Band IMM pages, this keep the size of the IMM much smaller.

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Learn More About Music Marketing Opportunities
iTunes Links
Our interactive connections within the IMM allow us to Drive Direct Traffic to Generate iTunes Album Sales for Bands.

We provide these links as the reader is most accustomed to the iTunes music discovery system & sales environment.

These links are an excellent opportunity for a band to generate revenue and draw in new fans.

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imm itunes links
imm web links
Website Links
Because the IMM is interactive we can drive direct traffic to advertiser, sponsors and bands within the IMM.

This interactive link provides a valuable opportunity to draw the reader to sign up for your newsletter or social media system.

The Key is to convert a reader into a follower and purchaser of goods.

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Within the IMM we can sell any product you may have to offer the public.

A simple easy and fast system. One click brings you to the main store to complete your purchase.

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imm interactive merchandise store
imm interactive marketing
Music Marketing
If you are a label or band looking for a mechanism to reach new fans, sell more product or engage the fan base than the IMM is the where you want to be.

We provide Interactive links to your bands website, social media systems, audio preview tracks, iTunes albums or in-magazine ad. It's all possible with IMM.

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Social Media Tool
"The Connection Of People To People And People To What They Are Passionate About Is The Heart Of Social Media."

We provide Facebook & Twitter links to promote the Festival, Bands, Sponsors and Advertisers.

Leverage Public Social Media in Popular Online Systems as well as Email databases to Drive Advertiser and Sponsor Interest in the Festival and IMM.

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imm interactive social media marketing tool
Leverage your marketing assets
Leverage Assets
By Leveraging the Communication System Assets of Email, Website Uniques and Social Media a Festival can culminate the Total Communication Touch Points into a credible number which Advertisers and Sponsors will Respond Favorably too. The Key to Sponsors and Advertisers involvement is the IMM.

The IMM is the initial vehicle for major advertisers and sponsors to be introduced to a festival.

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Festivals Using an IMM open the doorway to massive public exposure by compounding social media systems in email, Twitter, Facebook and website unique interactions to develop a strong Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunity for Local and National Brands.

When the Advertiser and Sponsor work with the Festival IMM this is an introduction to Festival Vending Booths and Sponsorship from Major National Business Entities.

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imm Sponsor & Vendor Opportunities
imm benefits


Here you can see a small sampling of our IMM Benefits to a Promoter, Attendee, Advertiser or Sponsor.

Please take a moment and view the full chart.

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The IMM is a Multi-Platform Media Magazine available on the desktop for PC or Mac with Mobile versions iPad, iPhone or Android.*

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imm Multi platform system

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