how we work

Our methodology is simple…

- Listen
- Learn
- Leverage
- Refine
- Implement

Listening to your business issues we learn what needs to be altered to improve your business and reach your goals.

To reach your goals effectively and not waste time we need to leverage what works for you currently then refine what is not.

The refinements to your business or business process can be simple or complex. Regardless, the implementation plan has to work on your schedule for you to receive desired results.

Our mission is to see to it that you reach your goals in a manner you are comfortable with, not pushing you into a direction forcibly, but organically.

Everything in your business regardless of what industry you are in has a symbiotic relationship to each other. One element requires another and so forth.

A balance must be found so that all parts of your business and its team's can work effectively as one cohesive unit. We strive to bring awareness to our clients of where the imbalance or fracture is within their organization or project to create balance and cohesiveness.

creating company balance


Once we understand where your companies issues are, we develop lists of possible directions to move toward. These lists can consist of everything from modifying staff, company culture, business methodology, internal practices, client relations, change in tools and processes, the list of possibilities can be extensive. Not to worry though, when presented it is broken down into logical sections and clearly demonstrates the path and benefit.

Our role in this process is to be objective and sensitive to your goals, to provide clear options based your defined criteria. For some some companies, budget issues will be their core focus, for others it might be improving their workflow. Everyone is different and the time frame for completion of our analysis varies based on the companies needs and the size of the business entity.

In the end, when we step away you will feel that you were provided with a clear set of directives which you can choose to implement or not. The choice is yours.

Our focus is working organically with our clients, letting you move to toward your own decision. Not pushing our own initiatives on you. We want you to feel like we are an extension of your company not just some hired consulting group that is there for your money. We genuinely want success for your team and will do whatever we can to help you reach it.

business & festival consulting

business consulting services
If your ready to improve your business functions then let us apply our strengths in Creativity, Design, Technology, Business Management and Marketing to reinvigorate and strengthen your business. We're ready to get on board as part of your team.

Our founder has spent over 20 years working with large and small corporations such as MTV Networks and VICE Media. He's been through countless large scale projects and multiple major corporate overhauls. Having experienced both large and small business corporate changes, he understands the difficult demands on management and the anxiety of the staff when these events occur.

To that end he brings a deep understanding of the entire business process: Operations, Finance, Creative, Technical and Business Management to the CreativeMind team.

We do our best to ensure that no matter what change is occurring that everyone feels comfortable with the process on a personal level. We like to see ourselves as an extension of your team, not just hired hands.
festival consulting
For the Music Festival Industry we offer a range of business services that include:

- Systems to Drive Product Sales
Merchandise Design & Manufacturing
- Business Model Development
Technology Consulting
- Outdoor Signage Design
- Information Graphics
- Magazine Booklet Design
Interactive Promotion
Concert Photography
- Logistics
- Client Relations
- Marketing & Data Collection/Analysis
- Work Flow Analysis
- Site Design and Analysis
- Human Traffic Flow Analysis

The focus on each of these topics is to determine deficiencies and strategies for improvement.

The goal of our consulting work is to give you an outside perspective of your company, it's issues and provide sound ideas on how to solve your obstacles.

Please review our list of
services to gain greater insight into our abilities.

Every company we work with requires some level of assistance. Our goal is to understand the obstacles and overcome them with creative thinking and sound realistic solutions.

Some Of The Key Business Initiatives We Offer Are:
Complete Review of your current:
- Business Practices
- Business Culture & Persona
- Methodologies
- Staff Resource Management
- Technology and Communications Analysis
- Marketing Systems
- Operational Analysis & Recommendations
- Work Flow & Resource Management
- Logistics Analysis
- Asset Management

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